Riya, just be careful of it – hati-hati berlaku riya

Inspired by this entertaining facebook status: “Thank God, today I finished my fasting already, already shalat tarawih as well, just finished read one juz of Quran, I have been doing sunnah prayers properly, I donated to mosques and I also gave beggar  an extra money, I have done I’tikaf in this recent week. Alhamdulillah, reward from my good deeds that had been collected will be lost soon after I post this facebook  status. A satirical status though. But it is quite striking and many people are predicted doing it, even it is unlikely not exactly the same (so many examples out there). Because of this type … Continue reading Riya, just be careful of it – hati-hati berlaku riya

Look after your heart – peliharalah hatimu

Ah … the heart, heart issues are important to be concerned. People say, better than having a toothache than your heart sickness. A prominent Muslim Scholar advised to always keep your heart good. In this Ramadhan, we are reminded again to pay attention to our efforts to look after  our hearts. Why? Once there was a great cleric called one of the students in his school (pesantren). The cleric asked the student to slaughter a sheep and give the cleric of the sheep’s worst body part. The students then came, after completing his work, with a lump of meat – that is … Continue reading Look after your heart – peliharalah hatimu

The Other Doors

Our 4 year old son has some fairly serious health problems, so we are “frequent fliers” at the local children’s hospital. Two weeks ago, our son was there for several days having surgery. As stressful as that was for us, my visits to that hospital almost always leave me feeling grateful. Why? Because of “the other doors.” As I walk the corridors of that hospital, I pass doors leading to many different departments. I pass the department where surgeons reconstruct children’s faces. I pass the department where specialists treat children who have been tragically burned. I pass the department where … Continue reading The Other Doors